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Commercial fire alarms are one of the first defenses against a fire in your building. They are intended to alert the occupants and the fire department immediately upon detecting fire byproducts. Those noxious fumes can disorient building occupants very quickly. Thus a properly functioning fire alarm system is extremely important for safe evacuation and prompt notification of the fire department. This is why choosing a fire protection company with extensive knowledge and expertise in fire alarm installation is paramount to safety. We are one of the best fire alarm system companies in Raleigh.

We will ensure that your alarm system is code compliant and submit any paperwork that is required to do so. We offer a regular maintenance and inspection program so you don’t have to remember what is necessary to stay compliant with local and federal regulations. A properly functioning fire alarm system is necessary for protecting life and reducing liability for your business. Contact Raleigh Fire Protection Services today for a free fire alarm installation estimate.

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Fire Alarm Systems: Everything Your Business Should Know

All businesses-no matter the size- need a fire alarm system. Fire alarm systems are essential for protecting lives and commercial buildings.

The benefits of fire alarm systems include:

  • among the first things to alert building occupants that there is a fire.
  • required to operate and must meet regulatory Compliance.
  • detect fires quickly and alert the fire department so that building property can be salvaged.
  • can reduce insurance rates.
  • freedom from worry-you can take comfort in knowing that your building is set up to keep its occupants safe and to comply with fire protection regulations.


Different Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems can be automatically activated systems or manually activated systems. As their names would suggest, automatic systems trigger when sensors detect signs of a fire, whereas manual systems are activated when a building occupant pulls a lever on the alarm. There are two common types of commercial fire alarms:

Conventional Fire Alarms
Conventional fire alarms are the more affordable choice and are most suitable for smaller buildings such as restaurants or shops. They are a reliable means of detecting a fire and alerting the building occupants, and they are affordable and easy to use. To give a general overview of how they are set up, the components are individually wired to the control panel. The building is divided into “zones,” and each zone is typically connected to several detectors. If a fire occurs, the control panel can indicate generally where the alarm was triggered. However, this system is set up in such a way that a precise location of the fire cannot be immediately identified. It is for this reason that the conventional fire alarm system should only be used to protect small areas or buildings.

Addressable Fire Alarms
Addressable fire alarms are a much more advanced and sophisticated system than conventional systems. Each fire alarm component has a specific electronic address so malfunctions or the exact location of a fire within a building can be quickly located. A main benefit of this type of system is that the emergency response time can be reduced because the location of the fire can be quickly identified in the building. This is the more expensive fire alarm system, typically used in larger facilities where the exact location of fire must be immediately identified.

Choosing the Right Fire Alarm for Your Building

There are many variables that our fire alarm experts will take into account when recommending the best system for your building.

Building Characteristics
Raleigh Fire Protection Services will do a thorough inspection of your building layout. Among the things we will consider include the size of your building, how many levels it has, the areas of the building that are likely to be occupied, and the volume of occupants that are likely to be in your building in a given time.

Business Characteristics
Our fire alarm specialists consider the type of business or services you offer. Some of the things we will consider include whether your company deals with hazardous materials, if there are fire hazards present in or around your building, local codes or regulations that are specific to your business, and any other unique aspects of your business.

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Practical Characteristics
Raleigh Fire Protection Services’s fire alarm installers will consider the practical aspects of what your business needs and what your budget can afford. For example, do you need 24-hour monitoring? Does your business have the potential to grow and require additions to your fire alarm system? Does your system need integrated features and safety functions such as controlling elevators or activating fire suppression systems? Many other system features are considered to ensure that your fire alarm system is tailored to the unique needs of your building, business, and budget.

Integrated Fire Alarm Systems
The extent to which your fire alarm system needs to be integrated with other fire protection features depends on your building needs, budget and whether integration of other features are mandated by regulations.

There are many different building systems that can be integrated with your fire alarm system. Examples include fire sprinklers, smoke control systems, lighting systems, intrusion alarms, HVAC systems, video surveillance systems, and the list goes on.

There are extensive benefits of an integrated fire alarm system. While the initial installation is more expensive than the alternative, they can be cost effective in the long run and are certainly more convenient. Some of the benefits of an integrated system include reduced service calls for false alarms, simplified system management, increased reliability, increased efficiency, protection against non-fire emergencies like theft or crime, and reduced maintenance and inspection costs. Integrated systems are highly customizable to meet complex or unique building requirements and they can be easily added onto or altered as a business grows or changes.

With all there is to think about with commercial fire alarms, it is best to call the pros. Raleigh Fire Protection Services is the best company for the job. Contact us today for your free estimate. 

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