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Best Fire Alarm Maintenance Services in Raleigh

Raleigh Fire Protection Services is the premier fire alarm maintenance company in Raleigh. Our fire alarm service technicians are extensively trained on most of the current fire alarm systems used today. We understand how to identify and rectify faulty components and other threats to a functioning alarm system.

We provide different service packages to ensure that your fire alarm system is properly inspected and maintained to perform in its optimal state. Our promise is to clearly communicate any problems with your system and present you with the most effective and affordable solutions available to remedy the situation. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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Fire Alarm System Servicing and Maintenance

We start by testing the system to ensure all components are functioning properly. The we visually inspect your entire alarm system. We will look for physical signs of malfunctioning on detectors, control panels, etc. Any loose connections or disconnected wires are noted. We ensure that there is no damage to batteries, that all call points are accessible, and that all sensors are properly installed and not blocked by anything. We troubleshoot any problems that are identified during testing and visual inspection in order to restore your system to full functionality. System adjustments, recalibration, rewiring, replacing faulty components, and battery replacement are some of the most common solutions.

Fire Alarm System Components Requiring Maintenance

The fire alarm systems that are used today have many components that are integrated together to work seamlessly when a fire is detected. The system must efficiently detect a fire and alert building occupants of a fire threat. The best way to ensure a fire alarm system works when it is needed is to perform regular maintenance on the system components. We list several fire alarm components that we regularly maintain for our clients.

Fire Alarm Control Panel
Think of this component as the manager of the fire alarm system. Its primary purpose is to receive and process signals from the other fire alarm components that are discussed next.

Fire detectors are the system components that are responsible for detecting byproducts of a fire such as smoke or heat. In today’s market there are several different types of fire detectors including carbon monoxide detectors, ionization smoke detectors, photoelectric detectors, and heat detectors.

Manual Pull Alarms
The manual pull alarms allow building occupants to manually sound the alarm in the case of an emergency. They are strategically placed around a facility to be used in the case of an emergency.

This is the fire alarm system apparatus that provides a visual display of information about the alarm system and the activity of the system. Building or fire alarm experts reference this panel to determine if the system is functioning effectively.

Power Supply
If a fire were to break out in a facility, the power supply is immediately at risk. This is why much attention is given to the primary and backup power for the alarm system. It is integral for ensuring continuous performance in the event of a fire.

Alarm System Signals
This is how building occupants are alerted to a fire. They include things like horns, strobes, and other visual or auditory devices.

Fire alarm installation and maintenance

Emergency Control Function Interfaces (ECFI)
The ECFI is the component that integrates the fire alarm with other building systems that may need to be remotely controlled if a fire were detected. These Building Systems would include things like elevators, HVAC units, emergency fire doors, etc. The ECFI Can be programmed to shut the emergency fire doors, turn off HVAC units, activate sprinklers, and other mitigation measures.

Emergency Voice Alarm Communication Systems (EVACS)
EVACS provide specific commands through a loudspeaker about how to exit a building safely during an emergency. They are commonly used in hospitals, movie theaters, and other public venues that welcome many people or maybe difficult to exit during an emergency.

Maintaining Your Fire Alarm System

Raleigh Fire Protection Services offers customized inspection and maintenance plans to address the unique needs of your building and property. We ensure that all maintenance complies with current local and national codes. Contact us today and put your mind at ease. We have you covered and we will have your system fully functional and ready to protect lives and property if it is ever needed.

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