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Raleigh Fire Protection Services is your locally owned and operated fire protection company. We serve the public sector, commercial buildings, manufacturing industries, race car industry, distribution centers, healthcare industries, schools, restaurants, hotels, and even food trucks. We have extensive experience installing, repairing, inspecting and maintaining fire protection systems. Our services include fire suppression installation, fire alarm installation, inspection of your fire suppression system, maintenance and repair, installation, repair, and maintenance of your fire sprinkler system, fire system monitoring, emergency response, training and education, and so much more.

We strive to exceed service excellence with every job we do. Raleigh Fire Protection Services is known for our integrity and doing the right thing to ensure the safety of your building and its occupants. We will determine the needs of your project to provide services that are compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards. We will do things right the first time so that you can have peace of mind knowing your building and its occupants are protected from fire danger. We are the premier fire protection contractors in Raleigh, NC. Contact us today for your free consultation. We look forward to serving you and keeping our community safe. 

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Why Choose Us

We have over 15 years of experience in the fire protection industry, and we have serviced many commercial industries and small businesses including restaurants, hotels, schools, health care facilities, factories, food trucks, and office workspaces to name a few. Our reputation is built on our reliability and the customer service that we provide.

We are licensed with the state of North Carolina to provide the highest level of fire protection for your business. We exceed the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFTA), and we ensure compliance with all fire safety regulations for your commercial property. Our crew is regularly trained to stay current with all safety standards and codes including NFPA 96 kitchen exhaust code, NFPA 101 fire safety code, NFPA 72 fire alarm code, NFPA 2001 clean agent fire suppression code, and NFPA 13 commercial fire sprinkler code to name a few. We carry liability insurance to give you peace of mind. 

We are a locally owned and operated fire protection company and we only serve Raleigh. We tailor our services to the unique requirements of your building. When you call, you will be quickly connected with the owner of the company. You don’t have to work your way through a long line of support staff at a national company to get to the specialist you need. Our company only offers fire protection services, so you can be assured that our experts will respond to your inquiries efficiently and effectively, and we will have answers!  

We have you covered with our comprehensive fire protection services. We provide fire alarm installation, inspection and testing, maintenance and repairs, fire sprinkler installation, design and engineering of your fire suppression system, monitoring services, certification and training programs, code compliance, emergency response, upgrades and retrofitting, emergency lighting, and consultation and risk assessment. We also have a great reputation and referral system within the industry, so if there is any service we don’t provide, we can certainly find someone for you who does. Give us a call today so we can talk about how to best protect your building and its occupants.

Services We Offer

Fire Suppression Installation
A fire suppression system is needed when there is an immediate fire danger to life or your building. For this reason you want to go with a company that has extensive experience and training. Enter Raleigh Fire Protection Services. We install, reset, recharge, and repair suppression systems and we’ve been doing it for many years. Our team of experts will start by consulting with you on your building and business needs. Then we will design and install your system to adhere to NFPA and local codes to ensure it is up to standards and ready to be activated in the case of a fire emergency. From race car fire suppression systems to commercial fire suppression systems, we provide full customization as the premier fire protection company in Raleigh.

Fire Alarm Installation
Raleigh Fire Protection Services provides fire alarm installation for most commercial and industrial businesses in the public and private sectors. We install wireless fire alarm systems, high sensitive 

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smoke detection fire alarm systems, emergency power shutdown management systems, video fire detection systems, linear heat detection fire alarm systems, gas detection alarm systems, and the list goes on. We work with all the major fire alarm brands including Honeywell, Siemens, FireLite, Silent Knight, Simplex-Grinnell, Engineering Systems Technology, Notifier, and many more. Contact our fire alarm technicians today for your free consultation.

Fire Alarm Inspection
A fire alarm does no good if it doesn’t signal when there’s a fire. It is not only important to have your fire alarm inspected regularly for safety reasons, it is required by law. You must have your fire alarm annually inspected by a licensed professional. Our crew has extensive experience inspecting most fire alarm systems on the market today. Whether your business is a public institution, small food truck, race car facility, or large industrial complex, we provide the inspection services that ensure you are compliant with regulations and current safety standards. All of the necessary paperwork is submitted on your behalf and we tag all of the inspected systems. We take away the burden of remembering when your annual inspection expires by reminding you when to book an inspection appointment. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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Fire Alarm Maintenance
Raleigh Fire Protection Services is your locally operated fire alarm maintenance and repair service, and safety is our top priority. Fire alarms are critical to the early warning in the event of a fire emergency in your building or industrial setting. Properly maintaining your fire alarm system is an obligation to the safety of others, reduces your liability, is required by law, and is necessary for insurance policies to cover your structure. Our maintenance and repair process is meticulous. We will inspect, diagnose, and repair any problems that you are having with your fire alarm. From thorough inspection of control panels for signal reception to testing manual call points for audibility, we leave no stone unturned. Our commitment to adhere to maintenance schedules guarantees system reliability and regulatory compliance. Trust us to keep your premises safe and secure with our comprehensive fire alarm maintenance and repair solutions.

Fire Sprinkler Installation
The fire sprinkler system is an important defense against fires for obvious reasons. What is not so obvious is the type of fire sprinkler system your building needs along with the installation of a sprinkler system that meets code. Our fire sprinkler contractors have extensive experience with

the installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of water-based sprinkler systems. We will do a thorough assessment of your building and your businesses operations to provide you with the setup that will offer the best defense in case of a fire emergency. Whether you are in an office, retail store, or warehouse that uses water-based sprinklers, or you are a business that houses important data systems or electronics that require non-water-based fire suppression systems, our fire protection specialists have you covered. Give us a call today for your free quote. We look forward to working with you.

Fire Extinguisher Service
Our commercial fire protection company offers a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers designed to tackle various fire classes. From ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishers that protect against a wide range of fire classifications, to Class K Wet Chemical extinguishers ideal for commercial kitchens, the products we use ensure optimal safety. Water mist extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers, and d-type extinguishers are also offered by Raleigh Fire Protection Services. It’s our priority to match the right extinguisher type to the specific fire hazards a building could encounter to ensure effectiveness and safety. Trust us to provide reliable fire extinguisher services tailored to the needs of your business or commercial building.

Monitoring Services
At Raleigh Fire Protection Services, We prioritize the safety of your occupants and property through our comprehensive fire Alarm Monitoring service. Our team of highly trained fire protection specialists monitor alarm panels 24 hours a day ensuring a prompt response to a fire emergency or malfunction in the system. We also monitor sprinkler systems to ensure that they are operational and ready to respond to a fire. We use cutting-edge technology to respond as quickly as possible because we know that every second counts in a fire emergency. System malfunctions are immediately identified and addressed with our monitoring services.

Fire Protection Training
We train people from all over the country on fire protection safety, as well as more technical training programs. Our most popular courses include kitchen exhaust hood cleaning technician training, fire suppression inspection, maintenance, and recharging training, and fire suppression installation training. We also offer customized training programs that fit the unique needs of your company. Contact us today for a list of available training sessions.

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Code Compliance
In order to ensure the safety of our community, the codes for fire protection are extensive and always changing. While this is absolutely necessary, keeping up with the codes can be a very cumbersome and burdensome process. That’s why you can rely on us to do it for you. We will ensure that all aspects of your fire protection system, from fire alarms to suppression, are code compliant.

Emergency Response
No one wants to experience the unsettling feeling that happens when their fire protection system is not functioning properly. This is why we offer comprehensive emergency response services to ensure that your property and its occupants are safe at all times. Not only do we provide preventative measures such as fire alarm system testing, inspection, maintenance, and repair, we also respond immediately to unexpected system breakdowns, access control problems, and faulty alarms. Our fire safety experts respond immediately to quickly address the issues and restore functionality to your system.

Upgrade and Retrofitting
Is your fire suppression system out of date? Our consultants offer comprehensive fire protection solutions for retrofitting and upgrading your components. Not only do we install brand new systems, we retrofit existing fire sprinklers, suppression components, control panels, and lighting to ensure you are compliant with regulations and current safety standards. Our retrofitting consultations are free, so give us a call today!

Consultation and Risk Assessment
The key component of any fire protection protocol is prevention. This is why risk assessments are very important. Raleigh Fire Protection Services offers comprehensive risk assessments. We will inspect all aspects of your fire protection system and provide you with a comprehensive report on how you can ensure that you’re taking all preventative measures and that your fire safety protocols are effective. We will review things like your evacuation route, employee training, storage of combustible materials, and much more. If any training is necessary we will present you with options that we offer to make sure that you and your building occupants are safe.

Emergency Lighting
Our emergency lighting services include installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of your emergency lighting to ensure optimal safety during power outages or when evacuation is necessary. Whether you need emergency exit lighting installation, or waterproofed emergency egress lighting, You can count on us to deliver what you need. We will ensure that your commercial emergency lighting system is fully functional during a fire emergency.

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Fire Protection, Fire Prevention, and Fire Suppression. What’s the Difference?

Protection, prevention, and suppression, are terms that are often used interchangeably when discussing how to safeguard against fires. However, there are key differences between these concepts. It is best to think about how these different systems work together to keep people and buildings safe from fires.

Fire Protection
A fire protection system is meant to protect the people in a building, as well as minimize the damage that a fire can cause to a building. Generally, fire protection systems are designed to provide the most time for a safe evacuation while also minimizing the potential costs associated with repairing a building in the event that a fire occurs.

There are active and passive measures that can be taken to implement a strong fire protection protocol. Active measures are meant to fight fires. Active systems include things like fire alarms, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. Passive systems are meant to prevent the spread of a fire through a building. Passive measures typically include structural engineering that is known to prevent the passage of flames or smoke if a fire were to occur. Passive safety measures not only prevent flames or smoke from spreading, they also protect the structural integrity of the building if a fire were to occur. Compartmentation is a term that refers to a passive fire mitigation strategy. Fire safety regulations call for a building to be compartmentalized, or broken down into manageable areas. This will help stop smoke from passing through areas and stop fire from spreading through the building quickly. To achieve compartmentation, things like fire doors, cavity barriers, and firewalls are installed. Fire-stopping solutions such as fire protection boards that absorb heat rather than conduct it, fire seals, and fire-resistant insulation are other examples of passive fire protection measures. Fire protection measures don’t stop a fire from occurring, however, they reduce fire damage and provide as much time as possible for safe evacuation.

Fire Prevention
The primary difference between fire prevention and fire protection is that fire prevention are measures that occur to prevent fires. Fire prevention measures do not apply once a fire has started. “Fire load” is terminology that is used by fire safety specialists when assessing hazards and determining the severity of a fire if it were to occur. Fire prevention experts are always trying to reduce fire load. Some common prevention measures are things that often make common sense. These would include things like safely storing flammable materials, eliminating points of ignition, and having employees complete regular fire safety training.

The best way to know the specific fire prevention measures that are necessary for your building is to hire Raleigh Fire Protection Services to complete your regular fire safety inspections and fire risk assessments. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Fire Suppression
The primary purpose of a fire suppression system is to stop a fire as quickly as possible. You can consider fire suppression systems as the final safety measure that is implemented to protect a building and its occupants. Fire suppression systems are intended to detect signs of a fire and activate immediately.

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Types of fire suppression systems:

Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems
The fire suppression system that most people think of is sprinklers. These systems house water in a reservoir or they’re connected to a water supply. The advantage of this system is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to the alternative options. However, a key disadvantage is that the amount of water it emits will damage electrical equipment and possibly your structure.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Wet chemical suppression systems contain chemicals in the form of aerosols such as potassium acetate, potassium bicarbonate, and potassium citrate. These systems are effective in extinguishing common kitchen fires that result from grease. Flames are tampered when the wet chemicals are dispensed, as they produce a foam to cool grease, which prevents the fires from growing. We install wet chemical systems most frequently in commercial kitchens where most Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJ) require them. Wet chemical suppression systems are largely considered in the industry as the most effective defense against kitchen fires.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
These are most commonly used in buildings where water or wet chemicals cannot be used safely. Examples include buildings that contain live electrical equipment or hazardous materials, furnace rooms, and mechanical rooms. These systems work by dispensing dry chemicals like potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, or mono ammonium phosphate to extinguish fires and protect flammable materials. Dry chemical fire suppression systems are very effective and extinguish fires quickly.

Chemical suppression systems are generally more expensive than some of the alternatives because special pipework and fittings are necessary for it to function properly.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
Besides its effectiveness, the best part about a clean agent system is that it requires no cleanup after it has to be used. This is because clean agent fire suppression systems are discharged in gas form and leave behind no residue. When a fire is detected, the agent is applied to the fire to lower the temperature and put the fire out. Clean agent systems are ideal for museums, computer rooms, machinery, data storage centers, art exhibits, and so on. The most common clean agent fire suppression systems are 3M Novak 1230, FM-200, CO2, argonite, and non-toxic inergen. While these systems are all considered clean agent fire suppression systems, they have differences from components and application to pricing. Contact us today to review the options that best meet your needs.

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